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 is move crossfit for me?

MOVE CrossFit is more than just a fitness program at a gym. We inspire you to adopt a lifestyle that will transform your body and mind in countless ways. From increased strength and endurance to better sleep and improved nutrition, the benefits gained at MOVE CrossFit are numerous and life-changing. And with the bonus of a supportive community of like-minded individuals, MOVE CrossFit will help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals while making lifelong friendships.

10 Life-changing benefits of move crossfit


  1. Improved Cardiovascular Health
  2. Increased Strength and Endurance
  3. Weight Loss and Body Transformation
  4. Reduced Risk of Injury
  5. Increased Flexibility and Mobility
  6. Improved Mental Health
  7. Greater Energy and Productivity
  8. Better Sleep
  9. Improved Nutrition
  10. Lifelong Friendships

Our coaches


Born in Daytona Beach, FL on October 22,
1983 to Richard and Glenna Lefebvre. I grew up on team sports, playing football, basketball, and baseball for several years leading up to high school. I played two years of baseball in high school, but basketball took over getting the opportunity to be a 4 year starter and 3 year captain on varsity as point guard. After 3 years of struggling, my senior year I led Atlantic H.S. to a 21-9 record, a 2002 district championship, and the Class 4A Elite Eight, Atlantic’s first trip to the Elite Eight in school history. I was named to the All-Area First Team and was recruited to play at Lagrange College in Georgia. I played 3 years at Lagrange, andearned a degree in Biology. 

Coaching Experience 

  • 5 years HS basketball (Pine Ridge, Atlantic, and Warner Christian) 
  • 4 years college basketball (ERAU) 
  • 2 Conference Championships and 2 National Tournament appearances
  • Started CF March 2020
  • CF Level 1 Oct. 2021


Kelly Barcol was born November 15, 1968 and raised in Covington, KY; which is directly across the river from Cincinnati.   He has been married to Polly since 1993.  They have one son, Joshua, who is currently living in Jacksonville, FL. Kelly played baseball, basketball, and football from age 7 to 14.  It wasn’t until 10th grade that he found the sport of wrestling, which he would excel in.  Finishing his senior year 5th place and the fastest pin (11sec) in the Kentucky State Championship.  Kelly also made the USA Sombo Team for the 1987 World Cup in Morocco and the 1988 World Championships in Toronto, Canada where he placed 6th in the world and had the fastest win with a 19sec arm bar submission. Kelly graduated from Morehead State University in 1994 where was on the 1992 National Championship Cheer Team as seen on ESPN.  

Coaching Experience
4 years, Assistant coach for Northern KY Wrestling Club;  4 years, Head coach and choreographer for Bourbon Co high school competition cheer team; 3 years, assistant coach cheer team and cheer gymnastic at Roseberg high school; 3 years, cheer gymnastics and cheer teams instructor at C.A.T.S Cheer gym in KY;  2 years, Head coach for Valdosta YMCA All Star Cheer Team and cheer gymnastics instructor; 4 years, assistant for South Georgia Wrestling Club; 2 years, Valwood Jv and Varsity wrestling coach. At forty years old, Kelly found himself gasping for air after pushing some furniture up a small hill during a move.  After going at least ten years with no exercise at all, Kelly made his first appearance at a CrossFit affiliate in the summer of 2009.   Within three months’ time he lost thirty-five pounds and was on his way to being more fit than ever before. Thanks to CrossFit Kelly was able to check MMA cage fighting off of his bucket list.  Winning his first fight in the cage at age 44 at Valdosta’s Winter Heat in February 2013. Kelly is a Level 2 CrossFit Trainer and has been coaching adults and students in CrossFit methodology since 2011. Kelly has a CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Level 2 Certificate, CrossFit Level 1 Gymnastics, successful completion of CrossFit Judges course, CrossFit Scaling course, and CrossFit Goal Setting course.



Justin Stafford, a seasoned and passionate fitness professional, has been making an indelible mark in the realms of CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting since the year of 2009. However, his journey transcends the gym, intertwining with a beautiful love story and the recent joy of parenthood.

Married to his beloved Kaitlyn since 2014, Justin and his wife embraced a new chapter of their lives with the arrival of their first child, Jackson Ford, in February 2023. Parenthood brought an added layer of fulfillment and purpose to Justin’s already dynamic and multifaceted life.

A connoisseur of various sports, Justin’s athletic prowess extends from the grappling intensity of wrestling to the finesse of soccer and the rugged demands of rugby.  He is currently training for his first Ironman triathlon in 2024.  These diverse sporting experiences have not only contributed to his fitness expertise but have also shaped his holistic approach to well-being.

Growing up near the vibrant city of Atlanta, Georgia, Justin’s roots are firmly planted in the South. His educational journey led him to Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, where he not only honed his academic skills but also deepened his commitment to a life of fitness and wellness.

Justin’s dedication to his craft is underscored by an impressive array of certifications, including CrossFit Level One, CrossFit Kids, and USA Olympic Weightlifting. These certifications reflect not only his expertise in coaching but also his commitment to staying at the forefront of industry knowledge.

For Justin, CrossFit is more than just a workout routine; it is a captivating laboratory for exploring the intricacies of human movement and maximizing physical performance. This philosophy has become the guiding principle behind his coaching approach, inspiring those under his guidance to push boundaries and unlock their full potential.

As Justin continues to weave his narrative in the world of fitness, he remains a beacon of inspiration for those seeking a holistic and transformative approach to health. Whether he’s coaching in the gym, embracing the joys of family life, or exploring new horizons, Justin Stafford exemplifies a commitment to excellence that extends far beyond the weights and repetitions.



Gwen Petersohn formally Gwen Cressman born March 23, 1962, in Montgomery, Pennsylvania. Moved to Florida the summer of 82. I grew up in a family of swimmers so it was inevitable that I would also become a swimmer. I participated in many sports throughout my high school years; cross-country, lacrosse, field hockey, swimming and diving and even cheered in junior high (captain, probably because I have a very loudmouth). I excelled in swimming and received a scholarship to Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. At the end of my college swimming, I accumulated All-American status 21 times. I was also a national champion my senior year in the 200-yard individual medley setting a new national record. The most decorated swimmer at Bloomsburg I was inducted into the “Athletic Hall of Fame” in 1998.

In the Fall of 2021, I received “The Legacy Award” from my high school because of my achievements over the years in my respected sports. 

I retired from being an educator in January of 2023 after 37 years in various positions such as Art, ESE, and General Education. I knew at a very young age that I wanted to teach/coach/instruct (probably because I like to tell people what to do). In addition to being an educator for most of my life I was also a Volusia County Lifeguard for 5 years which is where I met my handsome hubby.

I am a published author and illustrator as well as an artist. You can see some of my work at the VJL Gallery on Beach Street in Daytona Beach. 

Let’s get to the good stuff…CrossFit! I am a Level 2 coach with ambitions to get my Level 3 credentials. I LOVE helping people reach their fitness goals. I enjoy working out myself and continue to swim a couple of days a week. You will probably find me in the gym at various times working on my skills and desperately trying to qualify for the CrossFit Games. Heck in 2022 I was 12th in the World in my age group. 

Last but not least, I am happily married to Scott for 34 years and have two grown children: Hallie 30 and Tyler 33. Both are also happily married and Tyler with a son, my grandson named Brody. I have one cat “Frank” and one crazy dog named “Gracie” that I simply adore.


Coach Polly Barcol is a CrossFit Level 2 coach, 200 hour Yoga certified, and a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Nutrition Coach.  She has been athletic most her life having started cheering at a young age and participated competitively.  Coach Polly became a CrossFit athlete in 2013 and fell in love!  She loved seeing her progress from no upper body strength to now doing pull ups and overhead Olympic lifts.  She and her husband, Coach Kelly founded CrossFit Winnersville in Valdosta, GA in 2013 and are now proud Co-owners of MOVE CrossFit here in Daytona.  Coach Polly is also a Life Mentor and Life Coach through Life Ministries 220, Inc. helping people find health mentally and emotionally.  She wants to live the rest of her life healthy mind, body, and spirit.

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